Steven Armus

Based in Wisconsin, Dr. Steven Armus is a self-employed consultant with Native Prairie Restoration. In this role he seeks out properties to restore to their original prairie states. For these natural areas he selects forbs and grasses based on both regional and local conditions, and installs native vegetation and implements erosion control measures while partnering with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Dr. Steven Armus also works with other prairies consultants to provide the best outcomes. He simultaneously serves as a horticulture and prairie consultant with L & A Associates in Racine, Wisconsin.

Previously, Dr. Steven Armus functioned as director of medical and general operations at Great Lakes Dermatology in Racine. During his time with the company he grew the practice from a single office to 12 clinics serving the potential needs of 1.6 million people living in the Milwaukee area. He attended the University of Colorado, where he earned a degree in environmental population and organism biology, and then earned an MD from the University of Wisconsin Madison Medical School.