Why Quality Matters More Than Quantity in Coin Collecting


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Coin Collecting
Image: thespruce.com

After finishing his bachelor’s degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, Steven Armus pursued an MD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Alongside his medical practice, Steven Armus owns Native Prairie Restoration, a landscaping business established in 2016. In his free time, Mr. Armus enjoys collecting coins.

Coin collecting usually starts accidentally, by inheriting a valuable coin or finding an interesting coin in pocket change. To fully enjoy coin collecting, collectors must learn some rules of the trade.

According to an article by the American Numismatic Association, one of the rules of coin collecting is that quality should take precedence over quantity. Buying a few high-quality coins is better than buying several less-expensive, lower-quality coins.

In the future, the coin market will be more quality-focused than it is today, and as a result, high-quality coins purchased now will skyrocket in value. This means a bigger return on investment for collectors smart enough to buy high-quality coins today.