Trail Etiquette When Mountain Biking


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Mountain Biking

A physician and dermatologist, Steven Armus holds degrees from the University of Colorado and the University of Wisconsin. Currently, Steven Armus operates the Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin and owns Native Prairie Restoration. Outside of his professional work, he enjoys outdoor activities such as skiing, weightlifting, and single-track biking.

A type of mountain biking, single-track biking involves riding on an off-road trail that is approximately the width of the bicycle. Although some single tracks feature smooth trails, others include portions with rocks, roots, drops, steep climbs, and other challenging elements.

As with all mountain biking, when participating in single-track biking riders are expected to follow proper trail etiquette. According to the International Mountain Bike Association, trail etiquette includes only riding on trails that are open to riders. Riders should also take care to leave no trace of their presence and avoid scaring local wildlife. When encountering other bicyclists, riders should alert them to their presence and yield appropriately. Moreover, bikers should only ride trails they are prepared for and plan ahead to make sure they can be self sufficient on a trail.