Ways to Improve Business Landscapes

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Business landscaping
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Dr. Steven Armus works as a dermatologist, leading Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin as the owner and physician. When he’s not busy with his medical practice, Steven Armus works as a prairie technician, environmental biologist, and the owner of Native Prairie Restoration in Franksville, Wisconsin. In addition to restoration and landscaping in natural areas, Dr. Armus provides landscaping services to private homes and businesses.

Business landscaping plays an important role in attracting customers and establishing a brand. Here are a few ways businesses can improve their landscaping:

Use attractive plants. Colorful landscaping naturally draws the eye and helps brighten a property. Businesses can also spell their names or design their logos in flowering plants to help establish brand recognition. When choosing plants, business owners should purchase low-maintenance options that complement the style of their building.

Focus on the entrance. Businesses that cannot change their entire landscape should focus on making the entrance more welcoming. This may include adding a distinctive pathway, placing decorative stone on the front of the building, or adding plants near the door. Regardless of what is added, business owners should keep the entrance wide and easily accessible.

Add water features. When a business has only a small plot of land or wants to keep things simple, a fountain can improve the landscape. Small water features do not require as much regular maintenance as flowers and other plants, but fountains still stand out to customers and can become landmarks or conversation pieces.