Key Orchid Growing Tip – Mimicking the Natural Environment

Orchid Growing pic

Orchid Growing

A physician with Dermatology Consultants of Wisconsin LLC, Dr. Steven Armus is also the owner of Native Prairie Restoration. Recreationally, Dr. Steven Armus maintains a strong interest in gardening and is particularly fond of growing orchids. Extremely beautiful flowers, orchids are notoriously difficult to grow and keep thriving.

One of the most important fundamentals to consider when growing orchids is that they are primarily tropical plants. Many people have circulated the tip of using ice cubes to water orchids, but this strategy is almost guaranteed to take time off the plant’s life. To mimic the natural environment, individuals should get a good potting mix that contains both bark and perlite. This sort of mix allows air to get to the roots, which is critical for orchid health.

Instead of using ice cubes, individuals should water liberally once a week and ensure that the bark becomes soaked. Over the week, the bark will release the moisture and create a humid environment like the tropical one that orchids prefer.

Typically, natural orchids are soaked daily with warm tropical rains and allowed to dry out in between. When growing them at home, it is important to let them get dry, a process that usually takes about a week. While the soil should not be bone dry, it should be free of excess moisture to the center of the pot.